Our Branches:

Plot 14
Spesbona road

Strand (Western Cape)
13 Primrose street
Gants plaza

Head office: 010 492 0625

Quotes: info@fdktransport.co.za

Load bookings: 066 301 3200

FDK Bulk Water Supply

FDK Bulk water, supplies and delivers bulk water.

Our water bladder is filled directly out of the borehole which is then transported directly to our client.

Although our water is used for drinking water as well for many other usages, it is not certified as drinking water.

Our water is commonly used and bought for the following purposes;

– Filling of swimming pools
– Construction sites
– Mining sites
– Water pressure tests
– Drinking water for homes, schools, hospitals etc.

Although our water has been sold for drinking purposes and currently is used for drinking water by all staff working and residing on-site, FDK Cannot and will not be held liable for any instances caused from drinking of the water. There have been no instances regarding such, but all clients are to be aware that our water is not certified as drinking water.

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Contact Information
010 492-0625

Our Services are not limited to the listed items. All Crane Truck Operators and Riggers are Certified.  All Vehicles are Equipped with Tarpaulins, Nets, Corner plates and Strapping gear.

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