What are crane trucks used for?

Operating a crane truck can be dangerous if not operated with care and precautions. There are some safety measures to consider when operating a crane truck. But, before we get into the safety measures, what exactly are crane trucks used for and for which industry?

A crane truck is a special vehicle equipped with a hydraulic boom mounted on the truck and is used to load and unload different materials in different sectors like for example the construction industry. This simple, yet highly functional machine can perform tasks well beyond a human’s normal capability.

Which industries benefit from the use of crane trucks?

The construction industry:

Crane trucks are an essential component in the construction industry. Crane trucks are used almost daily to help lift the heavy equipment used to build tall or large structures.

Factories and mills:

In factories, the use of crane trucks eases the workload by lifting the heavy equipment and moving it to the new destination. In motor vehicle manufacturing factories cranes are used to lift vehicles from one station to the next to speed up the manufacturing process.

Oil Industry:

The oil sector is one of the most dangerous sectors alongside the municipal and construction industry. The oil industry uses heavy equipment that needs to be moved and is too heavy to lift by hand. The usage of cranes in the oil industry is increasing daily.

Municipal sector/power sector: 

Power outages or cable theft can hit home hard when they strike. And with the power lines being so high in the air, municipal workers don’t make use of ladders and towers to fix faulty power lines, they make use of a crane truck for their safety due to the high-risk factor of the job at hand.

Benefits of hiring a crane truck:

These highly versatile machines have many benefits to many sectors across different industries. The benefits of hiring a crane truck are the surest way to get the job done on time every time with minimal effort from manual labor.

No maintenance:

Hiring a crane truck will save you money on maintenance costs. The maintenance cost is left for the owners, such as FDK Transport.

Faster completion time:

With a crane truck, work will be done much faster and without as much manpower. There is no need to hire extra employees to do the job at hand, the crane truck will do the heavy lifting for you.

Increases job site safety:

On a construction site, there are crane operators. These operators ensure that the crane is handled correctly and without injury, improving the safety on site. The job becomes much lighter on the employees leading to faster completion times.

Can be used in multiple sectors:

Crane truck hire can be used for lifting, rigging, moving, and transporting generators, containers, steel structures, sculptures, and natural stone.

Where do I get a crane truck for hire?

FDK Transport has a crane truck for hire that is available around the clock for your convenience to assist our clients every day. Our crane trucks are reliable and maintained to prevent breakdown and loss of income due to a broken-down truck.

FDK Transport is rapidly becoming one of the leaders in the transport industry. Therefore we can only say thank you to our valued clients who make use of our transport company regularly.

FDK Transport would like to wish each of our clients a prosperous 2021.

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