The importance of Road Freight

Road Freight is one of the most reliable methods of transport in South Africa. Without road freight and logistics in South Africa, most of our chain supply stores, as well as construction companies, will not be able to operate.

If you think about normal transport, we all know how reliant we are on normal daily transport but do we think about the advantages we have in road freight and transport daily? How reliant we are on trucks to carry our loads?

Whether you are moving or transporting essential goods, transporting livestock, fresh or frozen products, we all need a truck at some point in your life.

Road freight transport is flexible and reliable

Road freight transport is more flexible and versatile than other modes of transport, because of the vast networks of roads. It can, therefore, offer point-to-point service to almost any destination.

It is this flexibility and versatility that has enabled road freight transport to become dominant in most countries. Road freight carriage offers clients reliable service with little damage or loss in transit. It generally provides much faster service than rail transport and compares favorably with air carriers on short hauls.

Advantages of road freight and transport

  • Door-to-door service: Road transport is not limited to a fixed route or fixed terminals. Consignments can be conveyed directly from a shipper to a receiver without the need for specially-built terminals.
  • Accessibility: Road carriers can deliver in every country or economically active region in the world. Deliveries are, therefore, usually prompt.
  • Freight protection: As a result of the ability to supply a door-to-door service, little handling, and few transhipments take place between destinations. Separate feeding/collection and line-hauling are often not necessary, and neither is delivery or distribution activities.
  • Speed: This mode of transport maintains short door-to-door transit times, especially over short distances. When delays occur as a result of traffic congestion or other incidents, it is often possible to follow alternative routes.
  • Capacity: The vehicle’s carrying capacity, although relatively small compared with other modes of transport, is adaptable and can be readily increased.
  • High frequency: A high service frequency can be maintained as a result of the small carrying capacity and high speed of road vehicles.

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