Are you looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and professional company for your heavy-duty transport?

With FDK Transport, we are here to assist will heavy-duty transport loads across South Africa and we can cross the borders too. Finding a reliable heavy-duty transport company does not have to be a nightmare, we are here for you. 

What is heavy-duty transport?

Heavy-duty transport or often referred to as heavy equipment transport can be classified as any construction material, large generators, medical machinery, or medical instruments that requires transportation. 

At FDK Transport, we have a large fleet ranging from 1 Ton Bakkies to 14-ton trucks for your transportation needs. We want to ensure we can assist with the transportation needs of South Africans. 

What can FDK Transport offer me?

Construction Industry:

FDK Transport is the company of choice when it comes to moving construction machinery in and around Krugersdorp and surrounding areas. The construction industry is an industry that needs on-time delivery and collection of its equipment. Delays in deliveries can lead to delays on the construction site.

Crane Truck Rentals:

Finding a crane truck company with experienced and certified crane truck operators and riggers doesn’t have to be difficult. FDK Transport offers all our clients professional services with experienced operators in this field. Crane truck is a valuable accompaniment to all kinds of different construction projects. It is a popular choice of machine. It offers a high level of transportability and ease of use. 

 Crane Trucks are typically used for, but not limited to the engineering, construction, and mining industries. Our 12 Ton Crane Truck operators and riggers are qualified and certified and with our strict recruitment and selection process, our staff is carefully selected to form part of our team. 

 There are specific qualifications and training accolades that a person must have before they are permitted to go anywhere near the inside of a crane cab let alone be employed by a crane truck company.

 Medical Equipment:

When it comes to moving medical equipment there are certain aspects to take into consideration and one must adhere to these procedures to comply with the Health and Legislation act.

 Medical equipment is one of the most expensive and valuable devices used in laboratories and medical institutions such as hospitals.

Industrial Generators:

Industrial generators- A diesel generator is the combination of a diesel engine with an electric generator to generate electrical energy. The sizing of diesel generators is critical to avoid low-load or a shortage of power and is complicated by modern electronics, specifically non-linear loads.

Our fleet :

Our fleet consists of 14 Ton Tautliner, 12 Ton Rollback, 8 Ton Trucks, 12 Ton Crane Truck, 4 Ton Truck Services and our 1 Ton Closed body and roof rack. With our latest edition to our fleet, our 14 Ton Tautliner we now offer transport services of forensic equipment, fridges, food products, office furniture, boxed goods, home furniture, air-conditioning units, solar panels, and much more.

Using a professional transport company like FDK Transport, your deliveries will be on time, ensuring that your delivery is on time, every time, ready for business to continue as planned.

FDK Transport’s services are always flexible and adaptable to suit the needs of your company. We offer all our clients our expertise; accommodate our customer’s needs and always deliver more than what is expected.

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