There are so many people in need of clean water and food supplies during the lockdown. And with limitations on where and how far you’re allowed to travel, can have a crippling effect on our movement. Especially if we want to assist those in need of essential supplies like food, water or maybe supplying a hospital with the necessary medical equipment. The struggle is real, and everyone can feel the effects of being under lockdown.

FDK Transport can help with the transport of essential goods to communities who need it most. If you want to make a difference in the lives of so many South Africans that are struggling by donating food or essential goods, FDK Transport has the perfect truck or bakkie for every delivery.

Bulk water supply is also one of the services we have to offer. Bulk water supply can change the lives of those living in informal settlements that don’t have access to water and need to come in contact with other people to get water to wash their hands frequently and for basic hygiene. Together we could enable all South Africans to stay at home and stay safe.

FDK Transport can also transports medical equipment to medical institutions such as hospitals and medical centers. The safe and timely transport of medical equipment can definitely save lives. As we hear all over the news as the number of Covid 19 cases are increasing daily. As do the requirements for hospital beds, ventilators, and other medical equipment. To hire a company that is capable of transporting essential goods, not leaving anything to chance, is as simple as FDK Transport.

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