FDK Transport can assist you with you water delivery needs. Whether you need to fill up a swimming pool or need water at a construction site, FDK Transport will not only supply your bulk water, we will deliver it too.
FDK Transport is situated in Krugersdorp but can deliver bulk water to surrounding areas on request.
Although our water is used for drinking water as well as for many other usages, it is not certified as drinking water. Our bulk water is commonly used for the following:
• Filling of swimming pools
• Construction sited
• Mining Sites
• Water pressure tests
• Drinking water for homes, schools, hospitals etc.
Phone FDK Transport in Krugersdorp for all your bulk water needs.

Note: Although our bulk water has been sold for drinking purposes and currently is used for drinking water by all staff working and residing on-site, FDK cannot and will not be held liable for any instances caused from drinking of the water. There have been no instances regarding such, but all clients are to be aware that our water is not certified as drinking water.

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