Overcrowded office? Too much documentation to keep inside the office? Or maybe you are renovating the office for the new year? Business self-storage units can greatly alleviate the stress involved in the renovation process.

The size of the self-storage unit will be determined by the amount of documentation or furniture you want to store as well as by the frequency the self-storage unit will be accessed. If you are planning on frequently visiting the self-storage unit, renting a size larger for free movement is advisable.

And when it comes to finding a truck to rent for moving your belongings into the self-storage unit if it’s not on the business premises, FDK Transport is here to assist you with that too. We transport so much more than just furniture or heavy loads. We have different trucks available to accommodate all our clients.

Get yourself a business self-storage unit from FDK Transport. We do it better and deliver on time every time.

Phone us today for your quotation on your business self-storage unit.

There is only one reliable transport company – FDK Transport – We deliver so much more.

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