Transport has become one of the essential parts of our day to day living. From transporting construction materials to the transportation of furniture.

Logistics and transport is a universal language that is understood everywhere. An essential part of day to day living. Even cross border loads can be considered as part of our daily living. From essential food items, to load moving to Mozambique or Zambia that needs to cross the border can be arranged. 

Transporting load cross border might be one of the most time-consuming tasks at hand when you don’t have any prior knowledge or experience of cross border transportation.

Import and export of goods cross border might be more difficult than you think. When it comes to cross border transportation, there are licenses as well as permits needed in order to cross the border. 


Import duties are also to be paid and the customs declaration form needs to be approved before you will be allowed to cross the border.

Then comes the rest of the requirements. You will need a passport, compulsory vaccinations, and the original registration papers of the vehicle you are crossing the border with.

Don’t have time to apply for the necessary permits and passports? Or is your vehicle just to small to transport your load? Isn’t it time you take a load off and phone FDK Transport to take care of your load?


With over 12 years of experience in the transport industry and our own fleet, we have a large range of services to offer. FDK Transport (Pty) Ltd is experts in transporting containers, generators, drinking water, home furniture, medical appliances and livestock (sheep, cattle, pigs, horses, and goats) and other services like warehousing and product distribution management, product collection and delivery as well as the supply and delivery of chicken manure and grass bales, transportation of vehicles (by rollback) and our latest addition to our fleet is our 14 Ton Tautliner with a tail lift. We offer specialized transport for machinery and vehicles.


Our fleet consists of 14 Ton Tautliner, 12 Ton Rollback, 8 Ton Trucks, 12 Ton Crane Truck, 4 Ton Truck Services and our 1 Ton Closed body and roof rack. With our latest edition to our fleet, our 14 Ton Tautliner we now offer transport services of forensic equipment, fridges, food products, office furniture, boxed goods, home furniture, air conditioning units, solar panels, and much more.


FDK Transport’s services are always flexible and adaptable to suit the needs of your company. We offer all our clients our expertise; accommodate our customer’s needs and always deliver more than what is expected.


Whether you require a rollback or a Tautliner, an 8 Ton Truck, or a crane truck, FDK Transport can assist you with all your transportation needs. We strive to things above board and by the book. Our purpose is to make a difference. Our passion is we are driven to succeed, to love what you do and by faith, we move to leave a legacy. 


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