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Industrial generators- A diesel generator is the combination of a diesel engine with an electric generator to generate electrical energy. Sizing of diesel generators is critical to avoid low-load or a shortage of power and is complicated by modern electronics, specifically non-linear loads.

These industrial generators can weigh anything from 500kg up to 38 500kg if not more. The main purpose of these industrial generators is mainly for use in the mining industry. Diesel generators are widely used in mining operations all over the world. They provide over 70% of all the power needed in mining operations by heavy-duty equipment such as excavating machinery, drillers, conveyor belts and cranes.

These industrial generators can also be used to supply backup power to facilities during power outages, but they can also be used as a primary power source in areas where a local electrical grid is unavailable or difficult to access such as mining and farming operations or even new developments and construction.

But these days, with unpredictable power outages, more and more people are relying on generators to have a constant supply of electricity to our businesses as well as our mining industry. Most power outages will be over almost as soon as they begin, but some can last much longer – up to days or even weeks. Except for the coal shortages in South Africa, cold fronts or heat waves can also overload the electric power system causing outages that can last days on end.

Choosing FDK Transport for your generator transport means you made a choice to choose a capable team with dedicated drivers to deliver your generator from rugged country construction to a new construction site or even to your business. Whatever your needs are for an industrial generator, we can transport it for you.
With the rain season ahead, we have got you covered. Our 14ton Curtain side truck will ensure your goods are always safe and protect from the elements of nature. FDK Transport – your first choice for generator transport.

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