Transporting load cross border might be one of the most time-consuming tasks at hand when you don’t have any prior knowledge or experience of cross border transportation.

Import and export of goods cross border might be more difficult than you think. When it comes to cross border transportation, there are licenses as well as permits needed in order to cross the border. Import duties are also to paid and the customs declaration form needs to be approved before you will be allowed to cross the border.

Then comes the rest of the requirements. You will need a passport, compulsory vaccinations and the original registration papers of the vehicle you are crossing the border with.

Don’t have time to apply for the necessary permits and passport? Or is your vehicle just to small to transport your load? Isn’t it time you take a load off and phone FDK Transport to take care of your load?

FDK Transport already has the required documents in place, qualified and experienced drivers and a fleet of trucks to transport your goods. FDK Transport delivers on time every time. We are not bound to one area and can transport cross border loads to Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania.

NO load is too big or too small and no destination is too far.

Phone FDK Transport today for all your transportation needs.

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