FDK Transport (Pty)Ltd – Driven with passion and our success we strive to exceed expectations by making a difference and standing out.

Finding a crane truck company with experienced and certified crane truck operators and riggers doesn’t have to be difficult. FDK Transport offers all our clients professional services with experienced operators in this field.

A crane truck is a valuable accompaniment to all kinds of different construction projects. It is a popular choice of machine. It offers a high level of transportability and ease of use. Crane Trucks are typically used for, but not limited to the engineering, construction and mining industries.

Our 12 Ton Crane Truck operators and riggers are qualified and certified and with our strict recruitment and selection process, our staff are carefully selected to form part of our team. There are specific qualifications and training accolades that a person must have before they are permitted to go anywhere near the inside of a crane cab let alone be employed by a crane truck company.

FDK Transport has the staff with the necessary experience and qualifications to operate our Crane Trucks. We specialises in crane truck services and offer our 12 ton Crane Truck for the moving of Art Sculptures, Floor tiles, Natural Stone, Granite Slabs, Natural Stone Slabs, Industrial Machines, Construction and Earthmoving Machines, Transformers, Generators, Mini-Substations, Steel Structures, Mining Machines and Equipment, Containers and complete Factory and Warehouse Removals.

With over 12 years of experience in the transport industry, FDK Transport has experienced rapid growth over the past 12 years, leading by word of mouth.

FDK Transport – Your crane truck company of choice.

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