FDK Transport (Pty) Ltd is an experienced Transport and Logistics Company situated in Krugersdorp, Johannesburg and has been in the transport and logistics industry since 2007. Since the opening of FDK Transport (Pty) Ltd in 2007, our company has grown tremendously. When it comes to transport and logistics, the only name you need to know is FDK Transport.

Logistics is a global language understood by everyone but more importantly is coupled by the words such as integrity, honesty, reliability and excellence. This is what FDK Transport (Pty) Ltd stands for.  Our purpose is to make a difference. Our passion is drive to succeed, to love what you do and by faith we move leave a legacy.

With over 12 years of experience in the transport industry and our own fleet, we have a large range of services to offer. FDK Transport (Pty) Ltd is experts in transporting containers, generators, drinking water, home furniture, medical appliances and livestock (sheep, cattle, pigs, horses and goats) and other services like warehousing and product distribution management, product collection and delivery as well as the supply and delivery of chicken manure and grass bales, transportation of vehicles (by rollback) and our latest addition to our fleet is our 14 Ton Tautliner with tail lift. We offer specialised transport for machinery and vehicles.

Our fleet consists of 14 Ton Tautliner, 12 Ton Rollback, 8 Ton Trucks, 12 Ton Crane Truck, 4 Ton Truck Services and our 1 Ton Closed body and roof rack. With our latest edition to our fleet, our 14 Ton Tautliner we now offer transport services of forensic equipment, fridges, food products, office furniture, boxed goods, home furniture, air conditioning units, solar panels and much more.

FDK Transport’s services are always flexible and adaptable to suit the needs of your company.  We offer all our clients our expertise; accommodate our customer’s needs and always deliver more than what is expected.

Whether you require a rollback or a Tautliner, an 8 Ton Truck or a crane truck, FDK Transport can assist you with all your transportation needs. We strive to things above board and by the book.

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Fun fact on trucks: Did you know that the number 18 isn’t just the number of wheels on a truck? The Hebrew letters used to signify the number 18 also spell the word that means “life,” 18 is an expression of blessing in Jewish tradition.

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